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Clubs and schools certified by the FRENCH FEDERATION OF SURFING
Commit to respecting quality criteria.

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  • Premises adapted to the reception of the public: changing rooms, toilets, showers, …
  • Opening hours based on audience attendance.
  • Practical information available to members: prices, licenses, calendar of sporting events, etc.
  • Licensing / federal insurance.


  • Provided by state-certified instructors
  • Diplomas displayed in the Club or School premises.
  • Awareness of environmental protection.


  • Taking into account the different types of audiences
  • Constitution of homogeneous groups.
  • Choice of site adapted to the level of students and sea conditions.
  • Progression of educational exercises offered by “L’Ecole Française de Surf”
  • Issuance of Surf and Bodyboard “Passports”.
  • Individualized interventions and demonstrations offered by the instructors.
  • Knowledge of the sea and waves to gradually gain autonomy in practice.
apprendre a surfer
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Teaching materials

  • Equipment (combination, leashs, boards, …) in good condition, without dangerous roughness or sharp edges.
  • Material adapted to the level of the students.
  • Compliance with the rules of hygiene for insulated equipment.

Compliance with Safety Rules

  • 8 students maximum per instructor.
  • Students equipped with colored lycras.
  • Information on the rules of priority and conviviality in the practice of Surfing.
  • Intervention and first aid equipment near the monitor.
  • Lessons immediately suspended in the event of a thunderstorm.