The Lexic

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The different disciplines
gliding on the water

Bodysurf: surf with your body

Bodyboard: surf on a small board on which you lie

Kneeboard: surf on a board where you stay on your knees

Skimboard: surf on a wooden board that we use at the water’s edge

Longboard: surf on a large surfboard from 9 ’(over 3m)

Tandem: surfing for two on a large board

The vocabulary
Waves & Surf


Aerial: aerial figure. The surfer takes off with his board. The goal is to control and manage to land.


Beach break: wave breaking on sandy bottoms

Bar: area where the waves have already broken


Close-out: vague qui ferme sur toute sa longueur


Duck: action of diving with his board under the wave to advance towards the open sea.


Flat: the ocean is flat, there is no suitable wave for surfing.
Floater: Functional figure which consists in passing a section of the wave while surfing on its crest.
Frieze: part of the wave that will soon break

happy face on the wave
perfect pic surf


Left: wave breaking to the left for the surfer, the opposite seen from the beach
part of the wave that is breaking and is projected forward

Line up: area where the surfer is waiting for a wave


Peak: area where the wave begins to break
Point break: breaking wave along a point or the side of a bay


Reef break: wave breaking on rocky, volcanic or coral bottoms
Right: wave breaking to the right for the surfer, the opposite seen from the beach


Section: portion of wave breaking
Session: surf session
Shore-break: edge roll, i.e. a wave breaking directly on the sand
Shoulder: part of the wave that has not yet broken
Spot: place where surfable waves break

Set: wave series larger than the day average
Swell: the swell


Tail: Back of the board.
Tube: inside the wave

surfer in the tube


Wipe out: grosse chute du surfeur
Wave: wave, hahahaha
Closing wave: going which does not offer a smooth portion to slide, it becomes a foam.

The vocabulary

the wind

Off shore: wind coming from the earth blowing towards the waves: the best wind !!

On shore : wind from the sea

Side shore: wind coming from the side

Glassy: no wind, smooth sea

The different positions
on Plate

Regular: surf with the left foot in front

Goofy: surf with the right foot in front

Backside: surf back to the wave

Front side: surfer facing the wave

Some notions
on surfboards

Shaper: craftsman making boardsShape: general shape of the board
Shortboard: small board
Longboard: large board over 3m
Malibu: relatively easy board measuring 2m40 to 3m
Gun: board for big waves measuring from 2m30 to 3m40
Fish: small board with volume for small waves
Nose: front of the board (nose)
Tail: back of the board
Rail: edge of the board (like ski quarters)
Drift: fin under the board
Rocker: general curve of the board seen in profile
Wax: paraffin that we put on the board so as not to slip
Leash: tie cord between the board and the surfer
Foot: frequent English measure for boards 1 foot = 30.55cm

fins out