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We offer specific surf lessons for children.
2 options :

Children 6 to 8 y.o.

cours pour enfants kids surfing

Children 9 to 12 y.o.

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vague seignosse kids

(6 to 8 y.o.)

In July and August we offer ocean discovery surf courses for young children on the beaches of Seignosse

The pitchouns surf course is a surf course exclusively designed and reserved for a child audience of 6 to 8 years old.

We stay where we can walk.

It is a fun learning of the activity, a gentle encounter with the waves.
The waves are funny !!!

Organization of a session

  • 1 hour per day, groups of 6 children maximum per instructor
  • Knowing how to swim is not compulsory to take advantage of the small waves on board and experience your first surfing sensations
  • Times are defined according to sea conditions. Safety and quality are our priorities
  • Surfboards and wetsuits are provided by the school (just like the adults !!!).
kids seignosse surf
enfant sur une vague

Objective of the pitchouns surf course

  • Discovery of the ocean: we stay in the edge areas (the foarm waves)
  • Learn to dive under the waves, learn not to be afraid of the waves. Discovery of bodysurfing
  • Introduction to the ocean: learn to recognize a dangerous place suitable for swimming or surfing
  • Discovery of the equipment: first meeting with the different surfboard and bodyboard boards
  • Technique: learn to select, then take waves with a surfboard
  • Discover the gesture to get up and slide on the waves … surf
  • Learn the safety rules in surf and in the ocean

All these objectives are implemented according to sea conditions.

1 COURSE x 1h

28the course

3 COURSES x 1h

82for 3 lessons

5 COURSES x 1h

130the week course

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enfant surf au bord de l ocean

(9 to 12 y.o.)

We offer surf lessons and courses for children from Easter to All Saints’ Day however in July and August we offer surf lessons with groups made up exclusively of children on the beaches of Seignosse.

The kids session surf course is a surf course exclusively designed and reserved for a child audience from 8 to 12 years old.

Whether you are completely a beginner or already with a few surfing courses to your credit, the kids sessions surf course is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

It is a fun and educational surfing course, an approach based on games and exercises adapted to learning the ocean and surfing.

The ocean as a playground !!!

Organization of a session

  • 1h30 per day, 8 students max per instructor
  • Suitable for beginners or intermediates
  • Different times (depending on sea conditions)
  • Week surf course or “à la carte” course
surf d une petite fille
learn surf france

Objective of the children’s surf lesson

Discover or improve between children.

Learn how to choose a suitable surfboard
Recognize and avoid the dangers of the ocean
Entering and leaving the surf area
Safety rules with a surfboard
Learn to row on a surfboard
Learn to choose waves suitable for surfing
Learn to get up on your board and keep your balance
Have actions on your board to control and direct it
Surf ethics and rules
Explanations on wave formation, surfing history, equipment, etc. will also be given during the lessons.

1 COURSE x 1h30

37the course

3 COURSES x 1h30

106for 3 lessons

5 COURSES x 1h30

164the week course

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