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… Has been present on Seignosse Le Penon beach since 1986. It was all these years the former premises of the “Mulglisse Seignosse Surf Club” created by Jean-Jaques Fombonne, the “Surf” figure of the penon and former owner of the emblematic Surf “La Vigie” shop.


It was in 2005 that Nicolas and Olivier created La Seignosse Surf School.

It’s a passing of the torch on the part of the forerunners of surfing on Seignosse and newcomers like Nicolas and Olivier who have lived in the Penon since the mid-1990s.

They have won the confidence of the ancients through their passion for surfing, their attendance at the Seignosse surf spots and their investment in the “Multiglisse Seignosse Surf Club”.

This pair formed in 2005 has been involved in the Federal project from the start and trains surf instructors every year. Over the years, independent instructors complete the team and accompany you in the waves for many seasons. Mathieu and Antoine are the first, followed by Simon and Michael, then Dimitri, Lucas and Yanis in recent years.

These teams have supported you with professionalism and passion on the sand and in the waves for over fifteen years now …

This great story and success of the Seignosse Surf School would not have existed without the presence of the reception staff: Yannick “Yvon”, Mathieu “Constantin”, Yohan “Célestin”, Léo, Nicolas “Sim” and Jules the youngest …

They have all participated greatly in these happy seasons…

Thanks guys !