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Seignosse, Hossegor, Capreton

These 3 cities in the southwest of France correspond to a coastal area ten kilometers long. The waves breaking there are classified among the most beautiful waves of sand (Beach break) in the world.

All of these surf spots have many things in common, but undergo different influences which allow us to have a great diversity of waves.

There are waves all year round, however in summer, a period of small waves, the Seignosse area is better exposed to swell. This allows us to surf almost every day.

In winter Hossegor and Capbreton offer accessible fall spots or large waves.

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All of these spots have sandy bottoms so there is no danger of walking or bumping into stones.

All these waves can break right and left.

They all have the same exposure to wind, namely off-shore wind: east, southeast, northeast.

They are subject to the same natural phenomena (wind, swell, tide, current) which cause movements of the sand. The spots are therefore in constant motion, especially in winter. Some last for months, only a few days.

The names given are therefore the names of the ranges. The water temperature varies from: 19 ° C to 25 ° C in summer (June to September), 11 ° C to 14 ° C in winter (December to March).


The coastline begins a turn from Estagnots beach passing from an angle of 9 ° relative to the geographic north on Seignosse, to an angle of 23 ° on Capbreton.

The swell does not arrive with the same orientation on all the beaches, it makes their surges different.

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The proximity of the Capbreton gouf is the other factor that makes this part of the coast special for surfing.
A kind of canyon deeply cutting the coast. Only 2 km from the shore, it already reaches great depths, further offshore, it is more than 3000 meters deep while being indistinguishable on the surface.

Thanks to this gouf, the swell is not slowed down by the seabed when it arrives on the coast, the waves are therefore of better quality.

On Capbreton the presence of dikes, notably that of the port of Capbreton, which is also that of the Hossegor marine lake, will also cause changes in the movements of sand and therefore on the waves.

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